Felt Animal Patterns

These unique and original patterns have detailed, easy to follow instructions that guarantee that you will create a lovely finished product. Even if you've never stitched anything before, you will be all set to create something wonderful!

Things to do with a tiny felt friend:

  • Set one on a shelf to look cute
  • Make a baby mobile or garland
  • Tie one onto a gift package
  • Give one to your favorite small person to play with
  • Pin one to your shirt
  • Hang one from your Christmas tree
  • Leave them unstuffed and make finger puppets
  • Carry one in your bag or pocket and take pictures of him around town (tag me on IG: @aimee_littledear #littledear)
  • Stick one on a magnet and put it on your fridge
  • Give one to someone special and make them smile

Be sure to visit our tutorials for lots of tips and ideas for sewing with felt.