a little studio tour

I always love seeing where creative people work and play so I thought I'd give you a little tour of my little dear studio! We bought this house about a year ago and transformed the garage into a perfect studio space. It's been amazing having a devoted room just for this, before so much of my shop and craft supplies were stowed away in boxes in closets. It was a lot of fun to bring this space to life.

Studio essentials include lots of shelves and storage for all of my samplers and kits supplies, easy access for packing up orders, projects I'm working on and of course, my computer for designing. There's also a comfy couch behind that table where I sit and stitch quite often.

Being a former garage, it does not have typical windows but these high, thin ones are perfect for storing my bottle collection! It's been fun curating a perfect glass rainbow to shine down from up there.

You might have noticed lots of random artwork and toys everywhere! I've always had a plastic and cloth doll audience in my studio space. Surrounding myself with lots of beautiful images, scraps and objects always brings a lot of inspiration.

Want to meet my studio buddies? My three kitties, Flame, Kitto and Stripesy are always nearby to help out (or make bigger messes) and always remind me to relax! (aren't cats great at that?) These big babies are a year and a half old siblings, their mama was a sweet neighborhood stray cat who adopted our family at our last house and had her kittens in our backyard! Sadly she died when they were about 7 weeks old and we just couldn't say goodbye to any of them. So they are our kitty family now and we couldn't love them more.

Thanks for visiting my little studio where I work, play, create all little dear designs and mail out all of your lovely packages! I hope you enjoyed the tour.

xo aimee