Doll Accessories

Step 3: Make Accessories

Your dolls are complete! Now they'd love some fun accessories (who wouldn't?) Here are some easy instructions to make some.

Cute Kitty Elf Hat
**Note: This hat won't fit Lydia or Merwing if they're wearing their hair pieces. You can choose to leave the hair off, or attach the hair pieces with velcro so you can switch them out!)

You can hand sew an easy hat from felt, or knit or crochet one from your favorite yarn.

Cut a 9 x 3 inch piece of felt, or knit/crochet a 9 x 3 inch rectangle.
Fold the rectangle longways and stitch up one edge.
Cut a 15-18 inch length of ribbon, or knit/crochet a cord and stitch it centered onto the bottom edge of the hat.
Cut two triangles for kitty ears and stitch them onto the top.

Lydia's buns look extra cute tied with ribbons!

Easy Scarf
It's easy to make a scarf as well. Just knit or crochet an 20 x 1 inch piece and tie some loose strands of yarn to the ends to make it tasseled.
Or, cut a piece of felt about 20 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide (you can stitch 2 pieces together if you need to) and make cuts in the ends for fringe.

Felt boots are easy to stitch up and look dashing on Pirate Jack.
Here's a pattern to trace and cut out of felt, one for each boot.

Fold each felt piece in half longways and stitch around the bottom up and up the side.

Stop sewing and tie a knot about 1 inch from the top edge. Now turn the boot right side out and fold the top edge down for a cuff.

Felt Flower
A felt flower is a fun and fashionable accessory for any cloth doll. They can wear it in their hair, or stitch on a ribbon to tie it around their neck or waist.
Here are the pattern pieces for this flower, cut each one from a different color of felt.

Fold the rectangle piece in half longways and cut slits in the fold about 1/2 inch long and 1/4 inch apart.

Starting at the center of the spiral piece, roll it up like coil. Make a few stitches in the bottom to hold it in place. Now roll the folded rectangle piece around the coil and stitch it in place.

Wrap the petal piece around the outside and stitch it in place at the bottom. Now you can sew on a pin back to attach it to hair, or sew on a ribbon to tie it to your doll.

Felt Daisy Skirt
This cute skirt adds flair to any doll. Here is the petal pattern piece, you'll need to cut around 15-20 of these for your doll skirt.

Cut a length of floss about 15 inches long, thread it onto a needle and simply pull the floss through the end point of each petal until you have a full skirt. Tie the ends around your doll's waist.

Felt Vine Scarf
This leafy scarf is a fun accessory for any doll. Here is the leaf pattern piece, you'll need to cut at least 25-30 of these for your scarf.

Cut a length of floss and tie a knot in one end. To assemble the scarf, pinch together the end corner of each leaf and thread the needle and floss through both sides so that the leaf is folded. Continue with all of the leaves and then tie another knot in the other end of the floss.

All done! I hope you loved making your dolls.

Have fun and check the little dear shop for lots more embroidery and sewing projects and patterns.