Doll Embroidery

Step 1. Embroider The Designs

First, complete all the embroidery on your doll. Use your favorite stitches and colors, or follow the printed design. If you've never embroidered before, it is fun and easy to learn! You can find some Getting Started and Stitch tutorials here, to help you out.

I've used a variety of stitches on my designs, including Straight, Back, Stem for linework; Lazy Daisies and French Knots for accents; Satin and Long and Short stitches for filling in spaces. Feel free to stitch the design however you like, you may choose to cover it completely or leave bits of the printed pattern visible; use solid shapes (like Satin and Long and Short stitches) or just stitch the outlines and let the printed color show through.

For Luna, I've used the following DMC floss colors in grey, silver and blues:
762, 415, 318, 414, 317, 823 and white/blanc.

For Lydia, I've used DMC colors in aqua/turquoise, red, pink, orange and navy blue:
946, 3848, 3849, 349, 352, 351, 3854, 311, and white/blanc.

For Jack, I've used DMC colors in blues, browns and coral:
351, 352, 433, 435, 927, 832, 311, 322, 794 and white/blanc.

For Merwing, I've used DMC colors in blue and aqua:
930, 3768, 169, 502, 504 and white/blanc.

For Sweet Bea, I've used DMC colors in browns, yellows and aqua:
677, 3822, 3820, 781, 434, 898 and 3811.

For Fern, I've used DMC colors in greens, aqua and pink:
503, 987, 989, 164, 319, 3778 and ecru.


Here are some close up photos of their embroidery:

Ok, now that you're done with embroidery, let's sew your doll together!