Patreon Monthly Craft Clubs

We will be stitching all new designs together at little dear Patreon in March, come join us! Who's ready for Spring? Let's bring in the Spring with Plant Lovers patterns! (no green thumb required)

Stitch-a-Long subscribers will get this fabric embroidery sampler of this Little Greenhouse, it's full of plants and tiny details! Felt Friends will receive the PDF pattern for three felt Carnivorous Plants, Sundew, Pitcher plant and Venus Flytrap.

Each month at little dear on Patreon we stitch up exclusive new felt and embroidery designs! You can choose your tier to get the designs you love each month. 

February: Year of the Dragon and baby dragon trio

January: Winter Mandala and Giant Swimmers


Most of my new designs are released first to little dear Patreon subscribers and we had a year full of amazing stitching together, look at all of the beautiful embroidery sampler designs from 2023!

And of course, unique new felt patterns were abundant as well. What were your favorite designs from last year? What would you love to see more of this year?

If you'd love to get an all new, exclusive felt sewing pattern or hand embroidery sampler (or both!) each month, come join us! We'd love to have you.

Select the tier that's perfect for you and subscribe at