Autumn Leaves Paper Crafts

I've had lots of fun decorating with this Autumn Leaves printable paper download! There are so many fun things you can make with it. You can purchase the download in the little dear shop, which includes the printable PDF, plus PNG files and SVG files for cricut and silhouette machines.

This tutorial is Autumn themed, but you can also use the same techniques shown here to create paper decor for any season. The same projects will work for a variety of different downloads available at little dear:

The PDF files all include each motif in three different sizes, so you can create all sorts of fun crafts with them.

I LOVE making mandalas out of real leaves and other nature treasures. Creating one with these paper leaves is just as fun and relaxing! After cutting, I folded the leaves in half a bit so they'd be a little more three dimensional, then arranged them in a pretty, repeating design. You can use poster tack to make one on the wall, or glue them onto a board or canvas.

One year I made a wall mandala out of real leaves! But this paper version will last a lot longer. :)

Wreaths are perfect decor for any season. To make this one, cut a circle from stiff paper, with another circle out of the center. I'm using 2 printouts of the smallest leaf size (the first page) and an 8 inch circle with a 4 inch hole. (I used embroidery hoops to trace the circles, because I kind of have a lot of those around. ;)

Start with the largest leaves, spacing and gluing them evenly around the circle. Angle and point them all in the same direction. Fill in the spaces with smaller ones until you've covered the white circle.

You can also string leaves onto yarn or embroidery floss for a fun garland. I really love garlands of all kinds, they're one of my favorite things to decorate with.

Or make Leaf Fairies! My son and I have invented stories about the Leaf Fairies, who change the leaf colors in the fall, hibernate all winter, then make new leaves and flowers to grow again in the Spring, with their factories inside of trees! We often pick up pretty leaves and flowers outside, make little bouquets, and leave them in trees for the Leaf Fairies to find. :) I went to his class fall party last year and we made Leaf Fairies (and animals and monsters) from real leaves with his class. It was lots of fun! You can use this PDF to create your own Leaf creatures, and they'll last all year (unlike real leaves. :)

I hope you enjoy these paper craft ideas and try some of them for your own decor!

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