Choosing Colors for your embroidery

Choosing the right colors for your embroidery projects can be a little daunting! There are hundreds of floss colors to choose from, knowing exactly what will look good together is not always easy. While most of my patterns come with specific color suggestions (you're always free to pick your own!) this little house pattern is designed with very neutral colors so that YOU can decide what colors and style to decorate your own little home with!

Go with a cohesive color theme throughout, make each room a different color, or go rainbow wild and use up a bunch of random floss scraps (do you keep those? I have a big bundle of them!) It's a great way to use up some of those loose ends, just pick and choose as the mood strikes you. You'll have a really fun, rainbow colored house when you're done.

If you're looking for a simpler, more intentional design, try these seasonal DMC color palettes I've put together. Choose one to use throughout the house, or maybe pick a different palette for each room? Try stitching up the same pattern (perhaps a pretty mandala) in a different color palette for each season!

Which season is your favorite?

I ended up using a variety of different colors (and stitch textures!) for my little house, while still staying within a general color theme.

A great way to find interesting color palettes is by searching Pinterest for color, mood and aesthetic boards. (Here is a link to mine!) I love the beautiful images people compile and I collect lots of inspiration from here for my designs.

Another excellent stitchers' resource is Here you can match colors from any photo or image, or create your own palettes with the palette generator by choosing just one color, it will show you several options of other colors to match it with! All with coordinating DMC thread numbers so you can stitch your best designs.

Have fun creating your rainbow! :)

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