Easy Embroidery Floss Tassels

Making mini tassels from embroidery floss is so much fun! These little guys are so cute and versatile, you can use them to decorate pillows or bags, make necklaces or keychains, or tie them onto your sewing scissors (or anywhere else!) They are quick and easy, you'll want to make some in every color of the rainbow.

All you need:

1 skein of embroidery floss (makes 2 tassels)

Leave the paper wrappings in place on your skein. First pull out and cut four 6-inch pieces of floss.

Gather and separate the threads on one end of the skein into a loop. Thread one 6-inch piece of floss through the loop and double knot it tightly.

Tie a second piece of floss piece around the entire skein near the top, below first knot. Wrap the ends around 2 or 3 times and then double knot it to secure.

Cut the skein in half crosswise to create one tassel. (Use the same wrapping and knotting process to make a tassel with the other end of the skein.)

You'll have a stray strand of floss pointing upwards from your knot at the back, just thread it onto a needle and pull it back under the wrapped floss. Trim the ends of the tassel off evenly. Use the floss strand at the top to stitch or tie your tassel wherever you wish!

If you prefer a fatter tassel, fold your skein in half and gather both ends together before tying you're knots, then cut the skein in half at the middle.

Enjoy! What will you do with your tassels??

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