Felt Friend Pouch

Let's make an easy and cute carrying pouch for your little felt friends!
They'd love to travel around and go on adventures with you. :)

Here's the free pattern to download and use. This size will fit most of the felt creatures from my patterns but feel free to shrink or enlarge it if you need to.

You will need to cut two pieces from felt, a front and a back. Use your favorite colors! (My favorite felt in all kinds of beautiful colors comes from Benzie Design)
You can decorate one or both sides with a little felt appliqué, or hand embroidery. Maybe stitch a name on the front!

You'll find lots of easy embroidery tutorials right here.

Next cut a length of ribbon or yarn (you can braid three pieces together if you'd like it thicker) about 24 inches long.
Overlap and stitch the ends of the ribbon or yard to the inside of the back piece of felt.

Now stitch around the edge using the Blanket Stitch. Here's a diagram:

Bring the needle up at A and make a loose stitch from A to B, over the edge and through both layers of felt. Catch the loop of the stitch under your needle at C, pulling it tight to the fabric. Continue all around the bottom of the pouch.

All done! Super cute and fun for a little someone (or big someone) to wear and carry a little felt friend around in.

My felt friends are Yeti and Sasquatch, made from the pattern available in the little dear shop. So many more felt friends patterns are there to choose from, go pick out your favorite animals to sew and tote around!


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