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Printable/ SVG Party downloads from the little dear shop such a fun and creative way to decorate for your next party! They're also perfect as a quick and easy way to change up your seasonal decor, especially in a kid's room, class room or around your desk at the office. Hang a garland to brighten up any space or leave little stand up characters with a note for a friend, they'll bring anyone a smile.

You'll find so many fun uses for these printables!
Three different sizes are included in most files so you can use them to make garlands, cards, cupcake toppers, signs, finger puppets, place cards and more. They are just as fun to make as they are to display!

You can download the Woodland Fun Printable Party set above for FREE from my subscriber's vault when you join my email list! Just subscribe at the bottom of this page, then download and print the file and follow along below to learn how to make the most of your printable party PDFs.

Once you've downloaded your PDF file, you'll need to print it out on heavy paper or card stock. You can do this yourself on a desktop printer, or take the file to a local print and copy or office store and have them print it for you.
For my printable decorations, I use 61 lb matte photo paper (from Office Depot) and they turn out great. I find it easiest to cut the pieces out with sharp scissors, but you can also use an exacto knife.
Each motif in your file appears in three different sizes so you can make decorations in any size you need. (I'm just using the smallest size for this tutorial.)

~Make a Garland~
You can string your paper pieces onto any string or thin ribbon, you may need to punch small holes in the top of each piece depending on how thick your string is.
Or, you can use my favorite method, a large needle and embroidery floss. First, line up your pieces in the order you want them on your garland and thread your needle.

Poke the needle into one side of the piece from the front...

... and out from the other side from the back. Continue with each piece you want to add to your garland until it's as long as you like. Then just tie or tape the ends up to hang it.

~Make Finger Puppets or Cupcake Toppers~
Finger or Stick puppets are easy to make with just a strip of paper or a thin dowel or straw, and some tape.

Simply tape a dowel or straw to the back of each animal, or cut a strip of paper about 2 x 1/2 inch long and fold it into a circle. Tape it in place on the back and slip it over your finger. Toothpicks work great for cupcake toppers, or you can use thin coffee stirrer straws.

~Stand Ups and Place Cards~
You can make super cute table top decorations or place cards by using the extra slot pieces to make your figures stand up! Just cut the slit in the slot piece, as well as a slit the same size at the bottom of the figure. Slide the slots together at right angles and stand up your figure.
For the tree stumps in this set, you'll first need to fold the roots forward, and then cut the slit and add the slot piece.
(If you're using a different Party PDF that doesn't include slot pieces, you can use the ones from this file as templates to cut more. You may also need to cut the bottom edge of the figures off flat so that they will stand.)

You can also add your own name cards to the stand ups for perfect little place cards at your party table! Just write or print out the names, cut out shapes with a slit at the bottom, and slide the name pieces over the tops of the stand ups.

I hope you've found this tutorial useful! I love making these little paper decorations and I think you will too. You can find lots more Party Printables and SVGs for all of your celebrations in the little dear shop
Come pick out something fun!

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