What to Make With Felt Animals

Are you wondering what to do with those cute, felt creatures you love to sew? They are lots of fun just as they are, you can give one to a little friend (or a big friend!) for playtime or a smile. But there are lots more ways to use them too! Here are some fun ideas to make with your felt friends.

First, garlands, like the one above! I love making garlands of all kinds, and little felt plushies make super fun ones. Just stitch their backs to any length of ribbon and hang them up for a really cute decoration.

Make ornaments for any holiday decor by adding a loop for hanging. Just stitch a piece of floss or ribbon to the back, or stitch the two ends in between the felt layers at the top as you sew them together.

You can also make your felt animals into finger puppets! Just leave them unstuffed, and the bottom 1-2 inches open when you sew them up.

You can frame felt animals in a window box for some cute wall decor! Glue or double stick tape them to a background of colored paper, mat board or a drawing, and pop them in the frame.

You can also alter most felt patterns to stand up on their own for shelf displays or play figures. Sew around the edge and leave the bottom open 1-2 inches. (You may need to cut the bottom off flat on some animals.) Poke the bottom open and trace the open shape onto felt.

Cut the piece out and stitch it halfway onto the bottom, then stuff and tuck something weighty in before stitching it up. I like to use dry lentils or split peas for stuffed figures, they are just the right size. Dry rice, beans or synthetic beads will work fine too.

Stitch up the hole, and now your felt friends will stand on their own!

Felt animals also make perfect pincushions! Let a little friend help keep your needles and pins safe and close by.

One of the most popular ways people use their felt creatures is for making baby mobiles.
They are fun and easy to make, check the Felt DIYs for a full tutorial on how I made this one.

Besides these ideas, you can also turn your felt friends into magnets or brooches, make them part of a cute festive shelf display, tie one onto a gift package or take them around town and take pictures of them.

Post photos of your cute creatures on Instagram and tag them @aimee_littledear so other little dear stitching friends can see!

Tons of different animals and other felt patterns are available in the little dear shop (and I’m adding more all the time!) So come over and pick out your next stitching project.

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